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Aluminum Die Casting Suppliers

We are specializing in die casting for more than 10 years. The products including aluminum die casting for motor parts, motor shell, electric vehicle parts, automotive parts, LED lamp shade, etc. Zinc die casting: handle for bath room, Zinc Alloy Zamak Die Casting Parts, shower bracket, Zinc alloy window accessory parts, lock set, faucet handle, bathroom washbasin, etc.

Raw Material2: Aluminum & Aluminum Alloy A360, A380, A390, ADC-  Zinc & Zinc Alloy. Za-3, Za-5, Za-8

Finishing: Chrome Plating, Sandblasting, Painting, AnodizingZinc/Chrome Plating, PVD, Ect

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We are professional in manufacturing Aluminum Die Casting Ruican is one of the Aluminum Die Casting manufacturers and suppliers China. Our factory can provide high quality goods. If you want get low price products, we can provide price lists and quotations. We also support products that are customized and 2 years warranty. If you want to buy the latest selling commodity, you can get favourable. Please contact us.